Frederic Henriques

Motion Designer & Editor




This project started as a proposal for a visual identity competition for a cultural event that turns the city into an all-night open air art space where people can gather around different music, film, dance or arts performances and installations. 
We choose to explore the idea of full moon (re)lighting the cities all around the world.
The direction was to create an impactful visual concept that could be transposed to each city's heritage on various medias suchs as print, web, or mobile apps. 
The idea was to create a dialogue between full-moon iconography and local classical figures or piece of iconic architectures. We wanted to reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of contemporary art in the visual idea. While realistic sculptures are morphed into low-poly geometric shapes, a primitive shape is turned into an organic element. The mixed technique is puzzling, is this full CGI or a tangible installation ? is this a motion graphics piece or video captation ? it's actually all of the above, but the technique doesn't matter, only matter the impression of mystery and poetry left behind.

by Frederic Henriques & Jean Brice Hubert

Music: Wooden toy, ISAM, Amon Tobin, 2011