Frederic Henriques

Motion Designer & Editor



Drue Chiam & Karen Chan founded KaleidoScale Marcom, a Multi-disciplinary Marketing and Communications agency based in Beijing, China. They aim at moving people through light art installations in public commercial spaces and they curate, organize, produce and promote some of the biggest light festival in china such as 2017 "LIGHT'S PLAY" that took place in Taiku Li Sanlitun in Beijing.

I was commissioned to produce a compelling video report of the light installations they brang to life in several locations in beijing and shanghai in 2017.

Direction, Camera: Frederic Henriques
Editing & Sound design: Frederic Henriques

Artists & Artworks:
Jen Lewin - The Pool - USA
Gaston Zahr & Merav Eitan - Angels of Freedom - Germany & Israel
Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis - Flower Power#2 - France & Greece
Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis -  The Uprooted - France & Greece
Janet Echelman - 1.26 - USA
Studio Workshop - Arclight - Australia
Arnaud Giroud & David Lesort - Aquastell - France
Drue Chiam & Karen Chan - CANDY WRAPPER STREET - China & Singapore