Frederic Henriques

Motion Designer & Editor




Today in China, half the population live in urban areas, while the rate of urbanization in 1960 was 16%, at this pace urban dwellers will be 70% by 2030. The sustainable management of cities is one of the main challenges in China.

In China as in France, climate change adaptation and mitigation solutions are numerous and can be experienced everywhere: green roofs, vegetable gardens, eco-neighborhoods, sustainable cities ... Because urban areas are responsible for more Two thirds of global energy consumption and more than 70% of carbon emissions, combining climate, city and nature is now a necessity to ensure a future for future generations. The changes of the modern city are also the fertile ground of our artists.

From September 16 to October 18, the French-Chinese Environment Month invites scientists, intellectuals, filmmakers, artists, policy makers and practitioners of environmental issues, Chinese and French, to exchange and meet the public of 18 Chinese cities .

Opening video for the Month of the Environment organized by the french embassy in China.

Art Direction and Illustration: Marie Hefti
Animation and Sound Design: Frederic Henriques