Frederic Henriques

Motion Designer & Editor

We Make it Good


We Make it Good

Mr. Wang manages a high-end Chinese manufacturing company. As the company continued to expand in the global market, he discovered that when he took the tactics and content that were effective on the domestic market abroad, they were misinterpreted due to cultural differences. This slowed down his company’s expansion overseas. When it comes to communicating between cultures, merely translating and presenting your existing material, usually just doesn’t cut it. A successful cross-cultural marketing campaign needs detailed communication thorough research and a deep understanding of your target overseas market and the ability to communicate accurately in different cultural environments. That’s why we founded We Make it Good. Instead of simply creating a English version of your existing video, We Make it Good will take the competitive strength of your core message and re-build it from the ground up. Whether it’s the script, the storyboard, the shooting style or the specifications. We’ll make sure your video matches the cultural expectations of your overseas clients, And deliver exactly the information that they want to know ! Make sure you achieve accurate cross-cultural communication from the beginning. Let We Make it Good help you with your global market expansion.

Art Direction & Design: Frédéric Henriques
Animation: Frédéric Henriques
Sound Design: Ben Mauerhoff
Voice Over: Kate Smith