Frederic Henriques

Motion Designer & Editor




The World Hydropower Congress is the leading global event in sustainable hydropower development bringing together decision-makers, experts and innovators to set priorities for the sector. This year's edition has taken place throughout the month of September 2021, under the theme ‘Renewables working together in an interconnected world’. Virtual events have been held across multiple time zones bringing discussions to stakeholders around the world.

WHC team approached us to manage the whole video content post-production workflow for a 3 weeks long online event, multiple sessions happening each day alternating between live sessions and pre-recorded sessions. All the video content should look and feel consistent using WHC branding.

  • We have have first been consulted to outline a general process to guide each speaker to record themselves using on Zoom and share their clips with the post-production team. 
  • We have developed a complete motion graphics package composed of animated logos, session openers and closers, including animated session titles and speakers presentations and session transitions.
  • We have edited all the pre-recorded sessions and provided support with the live sessions to ensure everything remained consistent

My role: Motion designer and editor

Producer and editor: Mathias Magg